Fair informations

Complete the surface of your location that will host your stand, so that our calculator can offer you the most suitable standbuilder.
Complete the price you pay per square meter for the "bare" location of your stand.
Define the number of people on your team who will be on your stand during the show.

Travel informations

Specify how many kilometers the fair is from the location of your business.

Commercial return informations

This is the number of cumulative people present during the fair.
Specify, in your opinion, the percentage of trade show visitors who are interested in your products and / or services.
Specify, according to you, the percentage of the target audience of the show with which you can have direct contact.
Specify, in your opinion, the percentage of people to whom you will speak and who will turn into paying customers.
€ / $
Specify, according to you, the amount that you earn annually from a new customer in terms of margin.

Estimated return for the fair "Salon Habitat Immobilier Decoration":

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